MadFlight Studio Previews Antonov AN-26

Sam Clark
Saturday, March 9, 2019

Our friends at MadFlight Studio formally announced the development of the Antonov AN-26 just a month or so ago, immediately following the release of their first aircraft, the Spectr-Aero SP-30. Today, new previews of the aircraft have emerged.

The AN-26 first flew in 1969 and was intended as a military transport aircraft, however there are variants outfitted for passenger operation.

The first set of previews post-announcement have been released today, along with a short status update from head developer Markus.

"I started this project long time ago and it was ready (visual model) at 50%, but it is too old for our time and I have to remake it all. Here is an old and new screenshots. Sergei (Mins) finished an engine systems on about 80%"

You can see more previews of the MadFlight AN-26 in one of our previous articles, alternatively, pick up the MadFlight SP-30 on the Threshold Store here, or via simMarket or the store.

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