Microsoft Flight Simulator June 4th Development Update

Friday, June 5, 2020

Asobo Studio developers has published a brief update on their much anticipated Microsoft Flight Simulator product. The announcement is accompanied by new screenshots showcasing various aspects of the new sim.

In the announcement, the team confirms Alpha 4 is in the final stages of testing and is on course for the June 11th release. At this stage, it is not exactly clear which features will be released with the new alpha version, though it is expected to contain more improvements and bug fixes. It is also revealed that a new wave of alpha-tester invitations have been sent out.

The update also focused on the sim’s partnership series. The developers affirmed that more partners will be announced on June 11th with the release of Alpha 4.

An updated roadmap is published along with their statement. However, the developers have stated that it is only a preview version and is therefore subject to change before the final release on June 11th.

Previously, the developers have announced a partnership with Navblue, granting the sim users access to navigation data cycle and enabling advanced flight planning. It is also confirmed that air traffic control will be available for the users when flying with A.I and real-world traffic. More details on those two topics are expected in the June 18th update.

Past development updates can be found in a previous article.

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