MadFlight Studio Releases Spectr-Aero SP-30 V2 & Reduces Price

Alex John
Thursday, March 12, 2020

Russian aircraft developer MadFlight Studio has released version 2 of their Spectr-Aero SP-30, containing several major improvements over the previous version. This is in addition to reducing the price tag of the aircraft a second time.

Of particular interest is the addition of Saso Kiselkov's rain effects known as Librain, aircraft dynamics having been rebuilt, the addition of icing, and remastering of parachuting.

The update features all of the following:

  • The code was converted to SASL-3
  • Added new rain effect (librain by Saso Kiselkov)
  • Added the ability to install unbreakable gear (file changing)
  • Fixed gear failure in some custom sceneries
  • Fully remastered the aircraft dynamics
  • Added stall and near stall conditions
  • Remastered parachuting
  • Added icing
  • Improved engine temperatures
  • Added real behavior of instrument arrows
  • A few minor bugs fixed

Moreover, MadFlight opted to reduce the aircraft's price for V2, and is available at for US $34.95, or Threshold for the slightly lower price of US $33.89.

MadFlight Studio is also, aside from the SP-30, working on Antonov aircraft. Below is a recent render of the left side panel in the cockpit of their recently-announced An-148, shared in their general Discord server.

An An-26 is in the works too, but neither Antonov aircraft are currently ready. As further progress is made to these aircraft, Threshold will keep you in the know.

MadFlight's Discord server for their SP-30 is available to join here.

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