MK-Studios Publishes Porto Airport for MSFS

October 8, 2021


MK-STUDIOS founded in 2008 is a well-experienced scenery development team. Following their Fuerteventura Airport release for MSFS in August, they have come back to provide their rendition of Porto Airport. LPPR is currently Portugal’s second-largest airport by operations and passenger movement.

The feature list advertises a highly detailed rendition of the airport through  quality 3D models with high definition 4K textures authored in PBR. A high definition customised terrain mesh combined with satellite imagery, seamlessly blends the airport and the surrounding area together. The airport was modelled after the current real-life layout which includes new taxiways, supported by accurate signage. The airport facilities such as the terminal complex is modelled with optimisation in mind.

The real airport is situated 6.8 miles northwest of the centre of the city of the same name. Porto is a historic city founded in 1123, and straddles along the Douro River estuary in northern Portugal. Claimed as a world heritage site in 1996 by UNESCO; this location is one that is both scenic as it is educational.

Currently, you can purchase the product off Orbx Direct for approximately US$14.59; alternatively, users can purchase it off simMarket for 15.00 euros. For installation, the development team recommends having at least 2.4 GB of hard drive space available.

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