MK-Studios Releases Vagar Airport for MSFS

October 16, 2021

Earlier this week, MK-Studios released its newest product - Vagar Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The scenery promises to bring the area to life with high quality PBR textures and  terrain mesh.

According to the store page, Vagar Airport will feature simplified terminal interiors, 2k PBR textures, satellite imagery, and accurate/up to date runway profiles. A full list of features can be viewed on the product’s store page.

Vagar Airport is the only airport in the Faroe Islands, a self-governing territory located in the northern Atlantic. Due to high surrounding hills and unpredictable winds, the approach into the airport is often extremely challenging. Despite the harsh conditions, Vagar “often guests are A319/A320, B737, or BAe 146”.

Currently, the product can be purchased on simMarket for EUR 9.99/USD 11.59, excluding any potential sales tax that may apply. Users who already own the P3D version of the scenery will be able to purchase the MSFS version for a reduced EUR 6.00. MK-Studios recommends that users have at least 300MB of free disk space in order to successfully install the airport.

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