Magknight 787 Aviator's Edition Updated to Version 1.4.1

January 19, 2020

The latest version of the Magknight 787 Aviator Edition - containing large changes and overhauls throughout the aircraft, including new 3D models - has been released.

Highlights of the update include updated fuselage mapping, an FMOD sound pack, 3D cabin, and an interim CDU.

The changelog for 787 version 1.4.0 is as follows:


  • Fuselage mapping
  • FMOD soundpack by audiobirdXP
  • Interim CDU
  • Custom Auto throttle
  • Throttle Limiter
  • New fuselage model
  • New GE engine model
  • Opening doors
  • Cabin PA announcements
  • Pause at top of descent
  • Jump to waypoint
  • New cockpit lighting
  • Tailstrike warning
  • Switchable MFDs
  • New EFB ground handling page
  • New cockpit walls
  • Forward Cargo holds
  • 3D Cabin


  • Bank angle limits
  • Cockpit lighting
  • HUD moves
  • HF page regex (#198)
  • LNAV not working on ap2
  • Cross-feed auto start conditions
  • Flap drag
  • EFB dynamic engine selector for performance (#185)
  • External lights during cold and dark setup (#181)
  • APU Door code (#203)
  • X-Pilot audio datarefs
  • EFB keyboard a bit out of screen (#178)
  • Auto throttle disconnect at idle option in EFB (experimental non-delay)
  • EFB refresh rate when keyboard is up
  • Fuel balances to closer value
  • EFB missing runways (#122)
  • IAS/MACH button animation (#164)
  • EFB experimental error
  • Flight model for non-experimental
  • Option to have 400 callout on climbout and approach
  • TCAS failed (#129, #126)
  • F/D switches missing sounds (#128)
  • EFB soft crash (#122)
  • Better default textures
  • Objects/textures reassigned to more logical naming convention
  • AT engages on alt hold
  • GPU AVAIL lights remaining on when GPU removed

To update, Magknight recommends users should download the update from the store of purchase.

The team also noted that liveries for versions prior to 1.4.1 are not compatible, and that the experimental flight model is not required.

You can purchase the Magknight 787 Aviator's Edition from the Store. It costs $44.95 USD.

For a full look beyond 1.4.0, which includes far more fully custom systems, check out our recap article from the team's Cosford presentation last year.

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