Debut: MILVIZ Previews Cessna 310 for X-Plane at FSEXPO

June 11, 2018

Amid all of the FSExpo chaos, MILVIZ, a popular FSX/P3D aircraft developer, has a setup at FSExpo running their Cessna 310 in X-Plane! This suggests that MILVIZ has converted their C310 from FSX/P3D to X-Plane. This would mark MILVIZ's first time to preview an aircraft in X-Plane. We have seen renders of an ATR supposedly being developed for X-Plane but that was not in the sim. Perhaps, this will be MILVIZ's first X-Plane product!

MILVIZ's booth at FSExpo

In the image above we can clearly see that the computer on the right is running a C310 in X-Plane due to X-Plane's distinct fps monitor in the top left corner.