X-Plane Mobile Global Released

December 9, 2019

Global for Mobile, frequently dubbed ‘GloMo’, is Laminar Research’s newest major update for its X-Plane (Mobile) Flight Simulator. The flight simulator was previously last updated in September of 2018, though with GloMo the app now features Global Scenery - using airports from the X-Plane scenery gateway, the same way X-Plane 11 desktop does. 

Only 5 locations are included on X-Plane Mobile for free which are: Oahu, Hawaii; Grand Canyon; Seattle/Tacoma, Washington; Juneau, Alaska; and Innsbruck, Austria. The update has been in the works since June 2019 and fans of the app have peppered X-Plane’s social media comments with questions related to its release date on each post they make.


Though the app download is free, only the 5 initial locations are available without a purchase. To get global scenery, one needs to buy a £4.69 monthly subscription (or a yearly subscription of £40.99). Alternatively, bundling all addon aircraft with global scenery is available for only £1 more, at £5.49 per/month or £47.49 per/year. (Please note these prices are taken from the Google Play store where prices are higher. The prices are slightly lower on the Apple App Store.)

The add-on aircraft are available to buy permanently separately or you can also watch an ad to unlock an add-on aircraft for 24 hours.

For users with a Navigraph navdata subscription, you can log in to your account within the app settings and update the AIRAC used by the app to the latest version. This will be displayed on the in-built map.

X-Plane Mobile Global is available as an update to the already existing app. X-Plane mobile can be downloaded for Android here and for IOS here.

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