More Previews of AeroDesign Columbus (KCMH)

Keizo Ono
Monday, May 20, 2019

After promising an update back in April, AeroDesign has released more previews of their upcoming Columbus, Ohio airport (KCMH) on Facebook. Included in the post was an update on the status of the airport, as well as a small list of features.

The concourses have been completely modeled and textured, but there are some areas that still need to be “ironed out” as the post puts it. They also talked about their progress on the project as of late.

“The last major structure left to do is the parking structure which is currently being worked on. There are a few minor buildings which will need to be added soon.”

Along with these previews, AeroDesign also disclosed some of the features that will be included in Columbus.

“Putting the development process aside some of the features that are going to be included with the airport is SAM, winter ortho/effect, and WT3.”

More pictures of AeroDesign Columbus as well as their original post can be found here. To view previous Threshold articles about AeroDesign Columbus, click here.

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