More Previews of AOA Simulations' Boeing/Saab T-X

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

AOA Simulations has posted more previews on Facebook of their upcoming Boeing/Saab T-X trainer for X-Plane. The latest previews also come with a quick progress update regarding animations and systems for the jet.

“The animation of the landing gear is now complete. The different display panels (PFD, COM / NAV / AP, FUEL / ENG...) are already active, which will allow to begin in parallel the programming of the avionics.”

The Boeing/Saab T-X is a new jet trainer which is destined to replace the US Air Force’s aging T-38 fleet. Announced back in April, AOA Simulations have been busy lately with the development of the T-X, as well as working on updates for their Vans RV-8 and F-35A Lightning II.

To view previous articles about AOA Simulations’ Boeing T-X click here. The original Facebook post by AOA Simulations can be found here.

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