Verticalsim Studios Releases Norfolk Airport for MSFS

September 26, 2020

Verticalsim Studios' Norfolk Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator is already their second for the platform and has now been released - a short three days after its announcement via Facebook.

Their first for MSFS came at the start of September with Plant City Municipal Airport, released for just $5.49 USD. It stood as a gauge for demand and development difficulty for Verticalsim, who had previously been dedicated to X-Plane projects.

With that success under their belts, work moved on to Norfolk which was one of the developer's most popular sceneries for Laminar's sim.

The 70th busiest airport in the United States, Norfolk Airport by Verticalsim Studios contains the following features:

  • HDR lighting matching real world photographs (generators running on the cargo pad for example)
  • 2020 airport layout
  • Many different hand-crafted objects and details specifically made via visual research
  • Cleanup of the Norfolk airport grounds (removed trees, fixed water on the end of RWY23, etc.)
  • Ground clutter with proper decaling
  • Proper airport data (PAPI light positioning, taxi-pathing, etc.)
  • HD buildings and objects with PBR
  • Free support and upgrades for updates (especially when new jetways are able to be brought over)
  • LCACs base full of LCACs
  • Rebuild of ground material framework taking advantage of PBR

The low price philosophy found at Plant City carry over to Norfolk too, as the airport only costs $11.99 USD via the group's website.

X-Plane 11's version of Norfolk has now been discounted to $6.00 USD as well.

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