Mango Studios Releases FlightFactor A350 Sound Pack

October 14, 2020

Newcomer to the X-Plane scene is Mango Studios who has developed an FMOD sound pack for the FlightFactor A350.

They claim to have reworked every sound in the FlightFactor A350 with new experiences for the cockpit, cabin and engines.

In the cockpit, new sounds for buttons, rotary knobs, handles and cover sound effects join avionics and aerodynamic effects, whilst fuel and hydraulic systems can be heard from inside the cabin, along with passengers.

Finally, dynamic start sounds proceed new exterior and interior sound effects for the engines.

100MB in size and costing €14.98 / US $17.50 before taxes, the sound pack can be picked up from simMarket and; Mango Studios has informed Threshold they intend to sell through the Threshold Store also.

To connect to the developer, join their Discord server here.

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