Mega-thread: Frank Dainese Everest Park 3D previews

Sam Clark
Friday, November 2, 2018

Frank Dainese & Fabio Bellini announced Everest Park 3D back in August and since then we've seen lots of progress on the Himalayan scenery. Frank uploads all progress shots on his blog, so we have a surplus of images to share: (Disclaimer: text has been run through Google Translate).

Lukla - Men at work

Lukla: Men at work in different times day and weather.

Lukla - Video previews

Short Video - take-off and landing from / to Lukla. The characteristics of the 24/6 runway are very special. While take-off is relatively easy, favored by the slope change, the landing is more complicated due to the length of the runway.

Lukla - Real vs. X-Plane

Here are some sample screenshots of Lukla airport and above all a comparison with the 24/6 runway.

Mt. Everest

Here finally the protagonist of the scenario: the EVEREST with its 8848 mt. (29029 ft) is the roof of our planet! I used 4k resolution textures taken from HD photos, especially for the two most popular (alpinist) sites: South South-West (Nepalese) and North-West (Chinese / Tibetan). The 3D model position on the mesh, with great skill by Fabio, has exactly the height of 8848 mt.

Also for all other 3D models, altitude has been respected. Here are the first official Everest photos that represent the real goal of the scenario. The pre-monsoon period was chosen, therefore before the great rains / snowfalls, where Everest itself in some photos is almost snow-free. The reason is linked to the strong winds that sweep away the "grains of ice / snow" to make the rocks below appear. Famous the large yellow band immediately below the summit pyramid, very well visible even from great distances, a feature common to other mountains but that for Everest represents a "sign" of recognition.

Mt. Everest - Mesh V4 vs. Everest Park 3D

Namche Bazar

Namche Bazar is a village nestled on the slope of the mountain at 3440 meters. of altitude, made of "steps" of beaten earth. A very important and obligatory stop for mountaineers who face Mount Everest, about 13 km from Lukla. and a difference in height of about 600 meters.

Rebuilding it was very complicated. Fabio has done wonders with the basic mesh, which in this area are definitely wrong and wrong. The changes made allow me to position the houses fairly correctly, while remaining some small discrepancy with respect to the ground. It was not possible to do better, however, the visual effect is definitely acceptable.

You can find all these images and more on Frank's blog.

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