MilViz Releases PC-6 Porter for Microsoft Flight Simulator

September 24, 2021


MilViz, a fairly prominent developer in the Microsoft Flight Simulator community - has just recently released their newest addon for the simulator, the Pilatus PC-6 Porter hasn’t been disclosed to the public from what we could find, although MilViz also gave a statement prior to the aircrafts description and feature list stating

“Building on our experience in MSFS2020 with the FG-1D Corsair, we have managed to bring more features, a deeper immersive experience, and more fun to the Porter.”

MilViz did not give a definitive feature list, but the most notable extracted from their descriptions are; G1000 (not working title, also not recommended), Bendix King radio navigation suite, interchangeable gear (standard and ski) and the final most notable one being their multi-stage development strategie - this essentially mean that the developers will continue to develop the aircraft even after release, the plans are currently a full steam gauge option, tundra tires and floats which will be interchangeable through the current EFB, and finally a changeable cargo/passenger variant.

MilViz has one other aircraft that you can look forward too as well, the A-1H Skyraider is also in development for Microsoft Flight Simulator, which an update was just provided for on twitter.

The Pilatus Porter can be bought on the MilViz store for 29.99USD and users will require two gigabytes of space to play.

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