Milviz Publishes New ATR Previews

October 14, 2021


Milviz has published a series of new previews on their upcoming ATR add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator. On the official MSFS forum, user “zkdos” has published on behalf of the team several screenshots showcasing the mostly completed visuals. First unveiled back near the end of August through exclusive images supplied to Threshold, the new images indicate that the art portion of the aircraft’s development has matured, with a fully textured exterior and interior. No further details were provided in the post, as its intended to be a further set of teasers:

The ATR is a project with a rather colourful history in Milviz’s books, one that sets off a torrent of controversy in the X-Plane world; it started off as a P3D project, which branched out into a serious venture into X-Plane development back in 2018, before backing out and being cancelled shortly after a failed surreal donation campaign to secure funding for the aircraft’s development. 

Milviz is no stranger to entering new platforms with noise, and their entry into MSFS is no different; with three projects currently in development: this ATR, the Blackbird, and the Skyraider.

It’s worth noting that Asobo themselves are also working on an ATR add-on which they unveiled back in April, though there were no further developments on this project, at least publicly. For the original post, visit the MSFS forum thread. We’ll keep you in the loop with Milviz’s developments.

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