Navigraph Roadmap Released

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Navigraph have released a blog post today that highlights their roadmap for the next year. Along with the post, a seven minute video details the what's going to happen as well as the order in which they want to get things done. It also touches on several other topics including the upcoming Flightsim Show at Cosford.

Details from the roadmap include highly requested VFR charts, as well as sectional charts. An updated and improved FMS Data manager joins a new website which should improve the user experience across the board. They’re also planning on bringing weather into their popular charts app soon.

On the back-end, Navigraph plan to bring a brand new Developer web with better access to APIs, sample datasets and documentation, which should allow programmers to get right to work on their ideas before first contact with the company.

Other notes include bringing out change logs for the charts app allowing the end user to better see and understand the changes being made, a welcome addition due to the amount of updates they’re pushing out. A new series of YouTube Video tutorials will explain the use of the Navigraph product line.

As usual they note that things may change and that allocation development time is still very much subject to change.

A special note at the end should be welcomed by IOS users: Navigraph expect the IOS version of their Charts app should be out any day now, by the end of the month at the latest.

For a complete rundown head over to the Navigraph blog and watch the video.

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