Nimbus release Chicago O'Hare V3 + new shots

By: Sam Clark
September 7, 2018

To end the week on a high note, a long time developer in the X-Plane scene, Nimbus Simulations have released version 3 of their KORD Chicago O'Hare scenery.

We've previously reported on the "Dynamic World" at O'Hare, which features animated people milling around the terminal and a working departure board, which through the use of a custom plugin will display flight information such as airport, time, temperature and pressure.

Our very own Garrett Yalch was kindly given the opportunity to jump into KORD V3 shortly before release just a few hours ago. Here's what he captured:

Nimbus KORD version 3 has the following features:

You can purchase Nimbus KORD V3 from the store for $27.95 USD. Previous owners of the scenery can redeem a $10 discount, which is found in the receipt of the purchase.