Nimbus Simulations previews dynamic world within O'Hare

By: Peter Tram
August 20, 2018

It's the ultimate battle between Nimbus's rendition of Chicago O'Hare Intl. airport and Skyline Simulation's rendition.

Just a few minutes ago on Facebook, Nimbus has posted a demonstration video featuring incredible detailing to their version of the airport - namely interior modelling with walking airport patrons, dynamic and animated signage and ground support personnel. On top of that, Nimbus's breathing world is further enhanced with incredible modelling and texturing.

See the video for yourself, and make sure to hold your gaping jaw:


We've covered the previews previously released on their Facebook page in one of our Weekly News Recaps Here.

Check out the slightly older image previews:

It's incredible seeing Nimbus's early works back in V10 till now. The difference between their current (dated) rendition to this newer product is night and day. Brand new assets were developed; static planes, baggage carts and ground service vehicles to name a few. We can only imagine their upcoming Washington Dulles development rivaling the likes of FlightBeam's work. Here's looking forward to Nimbus's future!