NHAdrian Releases NHRacer for X-plane 11

November 6, 2021

Earlier this week, NHAdrian released their fictional, acrobatic capable manned multicopter - the NHRacer for X-plane 11. The multicopter, designed based on real-life components, is “easy to learn, fun to fly, and looks stunning”.

Below is a list of the most significant features, however a full list can be found on the plane’s product page.

  • Monocoque carbon fiber airframe
  • Custom flight controls
  • Custom avionics
  • A realistic BRS system
  • Virtual and audio helmet effects
  • A realistic engine
  • ECS
  • A realistic battery model

Additionally, the developer claims that he has solved the issue of yaw authority, a common problem with heavy multicopters, by adding “servo driven arm banking to the side arm”, providing “extra torque to the vertical axis to maintain position even in acrobatic maneuvers”. For more information on the NHRacer, check out this Threshold article.

Currently, the NHRacer can be purchased on X-Plane.org for $19.99 USD. The developer recommends users to have at least 1GB of free space in order to successfully download and install the product.

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