Nimbus Roadmap: Dulles, Memphis, Charlotte, JFK & New Aircraft for X-Plane

January 13, 2021

Nimbus Simulation Studios have been quietly working away at a number of scenery and aircraft projects the past few months, evident with today’s post on Facebook touching on seven different airports.

A new aircraft project was also announced, as well as the news that Nimbus would be dabbling in Microsoft Flight Simulator development for the first time in the year to come.

In addition to the airport news, an update to the group’s UH-1 Huey is in the works, which will include ‘firefighting, crop dusting, medical transport, bubble windows, high skids, floats, modern radios and a variety of objects for slung operations’. This ‘Civilian version’ is expected to be made available in March.

Version 1.5 of the Huey, building on its Military roots, is slated for February and will bring fixes to the interior and flight model plus ‘a couple of extra features’ like GPS and a radio-altimeter.

Moving on to scenery, Washington Dulles is the first to get a mention, although ‘close to release’ is all the information we’ve been provided at this time – an April release is expected.

Memphis next, with the FedEx cargo hub seeing similarly little detail as above, with a June release marked in the developer’s diary.

The turn of Charlotte Douglas International is next, with mesh work still needing to be done before further development can be polished off. July is the expected completion date here.

Now for a previously unannounced destination: New York-John F. Kennedy Airport. It is expected in September.

The developer said “we have been working quietly on this one, right now we have most of the 3D buildings, vehicles and ground textures done, still some work to do, this airport is incredibly complex and full of objects.”

Three more airports were also announced and teased in the roadmap as well, intended to break up the intense release schedule of major airports: Lake Tahoe Airport, Catalina Island Airport and Kendall Tamiami Executive are all slated for 2021 releases at this time.

Finally we come to the new aircraft project, which has been revealed to be the Dornier Do-28. “This is also something we have been working on quietly, this fun, strange looking prop airplane will be ready by December.”

As a parting note, the developer also mentioned that a small airport will be their first Microsoft Flight Simulator destination, though it is not yet clear whether the idea is to convert one of their existing fields or start anew. Further information can be expected at a later date.

You can see the source post for this article on Facebook.

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