Preview: New Magknight 787 WIPs showcases new Wing Modelling

Peter Tram
Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Admist a wider community calling for a study level airline like the 777 or 787, Marian Gonzalez aka. Magknight has quietly developed and improved his own 787 , and in the latest screenshots, it shows very promising end results; a detailed visual-based add-on for those who don't delve into the systems like hard-core flight simmers normally do.

Magknight's 787 from the beginning isn't regarded as the perfect add-on of sorts, the plane was met with the inertia to purchase because it was hosted on an obsure store, and there were some inaccuracies in modelling here and there. But Marian Gonzalez's project however, is the perfect example of a developer using the project as a learning platform to improve and build one's skills.

The new wing modelling is a testament to the developer commitment to improve his skills and his work, have a look:

It seems that the wing has exponentially been increased in detail and accuracy from the original. Here are more slightly older images of the wing modelling:

This is definitely a project we'll closely monitor. We can't wait to see more images!

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