Navigraph Updates Charts Software

Alex John
Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Navigraph has released a major update to its product Navigraph Charts. The software, available for desktop, iPad, Android and in the Cloud, has had its user interface revamped, along with some highly requested features implemented, including:

  • Route Calculation
  • Colorful Route String Visualization
  • Procedure Visualization
  • Intelligent Procedure Selector
  • Map Overlay
  • SimBrief Integration

This is on top of its existing features, further details of which can be found here.

Co-founders Magnus Axholt and Stephen O'Connell also demonstrate Navigraph Charts in action, in the video below:

The application can be downloaded for multiple devices here. Note the iPad application has not yet been updated due to technical reasons, but is in beta testing. Full access to Charts requires a Navigraph subscription: either €62.90 per year; or €74.90 per year/€8.30 per month with FMS Data included.

The announcement can be viewed on their website here.

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