Northern Sky Studios releases PAKT Ketchikan

By: Peter Tram
August 7, 2018

After six months of development, new airport developer Oleg Shevchenko has came into the scenery scene with his first product; a detailed replica of Ketchikan Airport for X-Plane.

Ketchikan International Airport serves the city of the same name and is located one nautical mile (2 km) west of the central business district of Ketchikan, Alaska. With no direct road access to and from the airport, travellers and patrons would access the airport through a seven-minute ferry ride across the water.


From the onset, Oleg's first creation looks solid and appropriately detailed. For its size and coverage, the asking price of $25 seems a tad steep. However, this looks to be a very interesting airport to fly to and from, its not everyday where you see an airport connected to settlement through just ferries. So for those who are looking into exploring the inside passage, this airport may be of interest to you!



Buy Kechikan here: LINK