Nimbus Simulations Studios Releases Huey

September 2, 2019

The Bell UH-1, also known as the Huey, has been released for X-Plane 11 by Nimbus Simulation Studios.

The helicopter had been in development for around two years, and today sees its release.

An outline of what is included is as follows:

  • High quality 3D model
  • PBR textures
  • High quality 4K textures
  • VR ready
  • Black and also white panel and interior
  • Usable side mounted guns
  • Nothing beats the sound of a helicopter sound in real live so we are using High quality professionally recorded sounds to give you a realistic experience, every switch and knob, doors, guns, blade slap, engine and rotor sound is there.
  • Vibrations play a big role on helicopters, the Nimbus UH-1 is full of animations and vibrations.
  • Accurate systems simulation, fuel, electric and hydraulic systems are simulated, all the logic of switches, warnings and annunciators  is present.
  • Accurate handling and flight characteristics
  • Accurate performance based on performance charts.
  • Realistic night lightning with custom lights and textures.
  • Particle system.
  • 9 liveries including a military green and a white one for repaints.
  • SASL powered

Additional information about the UH-1 can be found on the product page.

The Huey can be purchased at for US $37.95. Further screenshots can be located in a previous article here.

Attention will likely turn back to scenery in the near future, such as an update to their Atlanta. Follow the developer on Facebook to see what Nimbus does next.

Many thanks to the person who made contact to make us aware of the news!

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