Navigraph Unveils 2019 FlightSim Community Survey

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Take part in the Navigraph 2019 FlightSim Community Survey here.

Flightsim all-rounders Navigraph have revealed the 2019 edition of their popular community survey, which gauges the demographics, usage habits and much more inside of our favourite hobby.

The survey period lasts from today, the 20th of November to the 2nd of December - a two week window for flight-simmers to cast their votes.

Questions range from information about age, income (optional) and education levels to spending habits, freeware choices and of course, how you consume flight-sim related news!

Each year, much of the attention generated by the results of the survey is due to its' simulator-market share question, where it displays how many users fly in each simulator. 2019's survey includes a more broad range of simulators, from combat to helicopters to mobile sims. Last year, X-Plane made significant inroads on Prepar3D, so this year's results will be interesting to see. You can see our full recap from the survey results here.

The Navigraph team have partnered with numerous developers and community organisations - of which Threshold is one - to make a survey of this scale possible. Responding to the survey not only gives the public an overview of how flight simulation as a hobby is progressing, but also gives developers a means of in-depth market research, which means we could soon see more great products in X-Plane.

You can complete Navigraph's 2019 FlightSim Community Survey here. Entries close on December 2nd, 2019.

Check out the results from 2018's survey here.

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