Orbx Announces TrueEarth EU Balearic Islands

August 4, 2020

Moving away from traditional bases in the UK and US, Orbx has made the surprise announcement that the Balearic Islands will be the next region covered in their TrueEarth region-based scenery series.

Despite technically being the second European region to be announced behind the long-delayed TrueEarth EU Netherlands, it appears as though it'll Orbx's first European-region scenery for X-Plane.

It's also the company's first venture into the Mediterranean Sea with the TrueEarth range and will cover the four main islands of the Spanish archipelago - Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera.

Operations head Ed Correia had this to say about the forthcoming scenery - "Whether you want to soar above the party island of Ibiza, take a more relaxing and scenic tour of Mallorca, or visit tourist hotspot Majorca, seeing the Balearic Islands with such lifelike detail is truly breathtaking."

"Buried deep in the mountains and along the shores across the entire Balearics, numerous coastal towns, cities and hotel complexes await you. Over 150 attractions, major hotels and historical buildings have been faithfully recreated giving you the chance to see these resorts from a truly unique perspective.

"Each island has its own unique flair and charm, complete with Spanish styled buildings, points of interest and autogen. Using the latest data, each tree and building is placed correctly on each island for a truly authentic simulation experience. This is a visually stunning part of the world, and is excellent for all types of virtual pilots with detail for VFR pilots and great destinations for those in the jets."

Correia also provided a feature list, which goes as follows:

  • Crisp and highly detailed 60cm/px aerial imagery covering Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera and all the smaller surrounding islets
  • Hand-edited texturing with colour corrections to blend seamlessly in the simulator
  • Over 150 POIs covering major hotels, attractions, historical buildings across all the Islands
  • Accurate Spanish themed autogen placed correctly on the aerial imagery at the correct location and height
  • Highly detailed mesh created from 5M LiDAR data brings out stunning detail on the coastlines and mountains
  • Beautiful accurate vegetation matching colour, type and height
  • A fantastic destination for all types of pilots; jet fliers or general aviation fans

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