Orbx Addresses Bug in London Landmarks Pack

August 20, 2020

Orbx’s London Landmarks pack was one of the first items to be added to Microsoft Flight Simulator’s in-game marketplace, yet since release, a number of negative reviews have been shared expressing disappointment with the $10.99 AUD product.

One such review, by YouTube creator ‘Reaction Review’, claims the company has ‘butchered’ the London skyline.

Comparing with the default objects provided by Microsoft Flight Simulator, the Orbx objects to be much lower quality.

Orbx's London Landmarks Pack - with the low-resolution issue mentioned.

In a forum post addressing the comments, the developer states - “We want to let you know that we are aware of an issue in the Landmarks London City Pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator.”

“This issue affects a small number of the 400+ landmarks available, where they do not match up with the quality of those already in-sim.”

“A fix this is already in development, and will be made available very soon through Orbx Central, and - as soon as it is approved - in the Microsoft Flight Simulator in-sim Marketplace.”

The developer says they will keep customers informed of the bug-fix via their Facebook and Twitter channels.

You can see the forum post here.

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