Orbx Release TrueEarth Washington Patch

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Yesterday, Orbx announced the release of a patch to both variants, HD and SD, of their TrueEarth Washington package, bringing the version to 1.2.0. This patch includes a complete rebuild of the water masking and two new heliports.

The full changelog is as follows:


  • Complete rebuild of the water-masking
  • Fixed mesh bump at Anarcortes
  • Missing textures for buildings at KSEA 
  • Flattened KEAT airport
  • Fixed buildings in water and runway at Astoria KAST
  • Added Landable Heliport WA54 Fourth Avenue Plaza
  • Added Landable Heliport WA53 HarbourView Medical Centre
  • Added missing islands of the coast of Victoria, BC

Orbx TrueEarth Washington was the first Orbx next generation product, covering more than 91,875 square miles of terrain and included more than 1,100 accurately-placed custom-modeled PBR landmarks, as well as buildings and trees.

Since its release in mid-2019, TrueEarth Washington has also received an enhancement pack, which includes UHD textures for TerraFlora trees, enhanced 3D buildings and a control panel which allows you to switch between SD, HD and UHD textures. 

The new patch is already available on OrbxDirect.

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