Orbx Releases TerraFlora for X-Plane

Saturday, October 26, 2019

A short three days after the initial announcement of TerraFlora XP, a next-generation tree addon for X-Plane, Orbx have released the addon, saying the global product will "transform the world of X-Plane".

The product, initially under Turbulent Designs, was released in September 2017 for Prepar3D and quickly became a competitor to Orbx's then-premier forestry replacement Trees HD.

Turbulent, alongside the then-standalone iBlueYonder, were absorbed into Orbx as in-house development groups in 2018. This left TerraFlora and Orbx Trees HD in a state of flux, with two competing products being sold under the same brand.

Conflict between the two products remains to this day, with TerraFlora not being sold through OrbxDirect (rather the Turbulent website), while Trees HD is on Orbx's flagship platform.

The complex situation only gained more delicate layers earlier this month, with the announcement of TerraFlora for X-Plane at Flight Sim Show in Cosford. TerraFlora XP is developed by the same team from Turbulent who developed the addon for Prepar3D.

"TerraFlora XP is now available and will change how your autogen trees look on a global level. The all-new HD textures will enhance your experience wherever you are. Whether you’re taking flight over densely populated forests or soaring around lush islands, TerraFlora XP will ensure trees of the world look pleasing to the eye in all scenarios," says Ed Correia, who announced the release on the group's forum.

The pack has the following features:

  • Superb HD-quality trees replacing all default autogen on a global scale
  • Realistic representation of a large variety of tree types to give you the maximum realism possible
  • High-quality vegetation textures created by Russ White to raise the bar in detail in X-Plane 11
  • Multiple tree types to cover the world with correct regional placement
  • Coloured to match the default ground textures of the world for improved realism
  • The most realistic HD vegetation available for X-Plane
  • Seamless blending with TerraFlora textures included in Orbx TrueEarth and airports

Global TerraFlora XP is available for $24.95 AUD (approx. US$17.02 | €15,36 | £13.27) from OrbxDirect right now.

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