Orbx Announces Three Washington/Oregon Airports

Monday, September 16, 2019

Work seemingly never stops at scenery tycoon Orbx, who've made their third announcement in seven days. This time it centres around airports, as opposed to their region-based TrueEarth product range.

CEO John Venema turned to his group's forum to announce the news:

"We are pleased to announce three airports for TrueEarth USA Washington and Oregon which have been ported from P3D to XP11."

He adds that all three airports have been given "new life" in X-Plane, versus their older ESP-platform counterparts.

7S3 Stark's Twin Oaks Airpark

Another Bill Womack airport makes the jump to X-Plane with Stark's Twin Oaks Airpark. Venema describes 7S3 as "ideally located for sightseeing in the Pacific Northwest. The rural location makes for less traffic and a relaxed atmosphere, while providing an easy jumping-off point for flights to either the coast to the west, or the rugged peaks of the Cascade range to the east."

Developer Bill Womack has worked with the real-world owners of the airpark, Bob and Betty Stark, to create as true-to-life a version of the field as possible.

The feature list includes:

  • Ground imagery at 30cm per pixel
  • Little details make it so charming
  • Custom X-Plane mesh
  • Lush rural valley with farms, crops
  • True multiple elevation airfield
  • Made with full support of owners
  • Integrated with TrueEarth US Oregon
  • Made from 1000s of on-site photos
  • Superbly detailed models

WA79 Walter Sutton's Private Strip

The second TrueEarth US Oregon airport in this trio is the private strip WA79, owned by Walter Sutton. The field is located not far from Portland, OR, and is made by the same team that created WA56 - Israel's Farm.

This scenery also includes a bonus airstrip - what the developer calls "Walter Musa's"

The feature list:

  • 60/15cm per pixel ground imagery
  • Fully modeled farm and airstrip
  • Town buildings and other POIs modelled
  • Large coverage of photoreal area
  • Onsite photos taken by Orbx staff
  • Unique new 3D vegetation
  • Fully compatible with TrueEarth US Oregon

KORS Orcas Island Airport

Lastly for today's announcement comes Orca's Island Airport, located in the San Juan Islands and integrated faithfully with TrueEarth US Washington, the only one to do so in this trio.

Venema says that KORS for X-Plane 11 pays homage "to one of the most memorable airfields ever to grace FS2004."

The feature list includes:

  • 15/30cm per pixel ground imagery
  • Modeled airport and village
  • Ground poly runway, aprons & lights
  • In spectacular San Juan Islands
  • Large coverage of photoreal area
  • Watermasks for the shores & rivers
  • Onsite photos taken by Orbx staff
  • Many POIs across Orcas Island
  • Integrated into TrueEarth US Washington

Venema predicts these airports will be released this week via his company's Orbx Central platform.

You can learn more about Orbx's announcements this week by seeing a previous article.

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