TrueEarth US Oregon Updated to v1.1.0

Sunday, September 15, 2019

The second of Orbx's American TrueEarth regions has received a small update today, as announced by brand administrator Ed Correia. Version 1.1.0 can be deemed an incremental post-release update, as it serves only to fix bugs as opposed to adding new features.

In his post on the Orbx Forum, Correia makes mention of the Standard Definition version update, which is still in the works - the base package, which retails at $64.95 AUD, is the subject of today's update.

The feature list is short and sweet:

  • Updated orthoimagery for Portland, Medford and six tiles along the west coast with the newer, sharper and colour corrected imagery
  • Added mesh fixes for upcoming airports
  • Fixed flickering/duplicated trees
  • Fixed bridges in Portland so they fit more snuggly on the terrain

This comes just days after the release of TrueEarth US Washington's Enhancement Pack, which adds to the quality of its respective scenery. Whilst there has been no confirmation or indeed any previews of an enhancement pack for Oregon, we have reached out to Orbx developers to shed some light on the situation.

You can see the product page for Orbx's TrueEarth US Oregon here, where it is on sale for $64.95 AUD (approx. $45 USD). Alternatively, see the recently released TrueEarth US Washington Enhancement Pack in another article.

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