Orbx Releases TrueEarth US Washington Standard Definition Package

Sam Clark
Saturday, August 31, 2019

Orbx administrator Ed Correia has just announced the release of TrueEarth US Washington's Standard Definition pack, bringing space-saving improvements over it's "high-definition" brother released in June.

The main feature of the step-down package is to save disk space, a feature requested by many following the group's TrueEarth UK series. Washington SD weighs in at 58GB, compared to 207GB of the HD version.

Correia states the SD pack is best for customers with video cards of less than 8GB in VRAM, the main SD benefits being:

  • Much quicker download and install - no JPG conversion
  • Much less GPU memory useage
  • Much shorter loading times
  • Upgrade to HD version whenever you want
  • Same experience as HD Version > 2000FT
  • Completely stutter free under load
  • 25% of the disk space
  • AU$10 cheaper
  • Better FPS

Although the feature list claims you can "upgrade to HD version whenever you want", an upgrade fee is required to get the full version.

You can purchase Orbx's TrueEarth US Washington Standard Definition for $59.95 AUD from OrbxDirect.

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