Orbx Releases Catalina for Microsoft Flight Simulator

May 30, 2021

Orbx has released their KAVX Catalina scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator, which is situated on the South Western coast of California.

Orbx’s team mentioned the scenery was completely redone from the previous P3D rendition to the specifications of MSFS for the best possible user experience.

Some of the key features included with the upcoming scenery are:

  • Complete overhaul of the ESP classic 
  • New building geometry and texturing to benefit from the modern MSFS game engine
  • 30cm ortho coverage of the airport and Avalon Harbour area
  • Numerous POIs including the Casino Ballroom, Pebbly Beach, USC Wrigley Marine Science Center, and Two Harbours
  • Unique 3D people models
  • New custom Vegetation

The development team also has various other Microsoft Flight Simulator scenery in the works, these include Stockholm Bromma and Siletz Bay airport, these can be found on their website’s Coming Soon page.

Orbx Catalina is available to purchase for $17.52 on Orbx’s site here.

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