FSFX Packages rebrands to OldProp, showcases XP11 Experiments

Peter Tram
Saturday, October 6, 2018

It is a bright day filled with plenty of product releases, updates, and announcements in the flight simulation spectrum. Cosford is arguably the biggest convention this year alongside FSExpo in the US. Orbx has dropped the news of their latest product for XP11; they showcased their stunning TrueEarth Great Britain for XP11, with release starting with the southern part of the UK.

Another notable developer who has dabbed into the X-Plane development world is of FSFX Packages. Whilst the team at FSFX has confirmed that they are coming to X-Plane 11, no official preview or visual material was showcased since then. Today during their keynote, they have also rebranded to the same name as their parent company; Old Prop:

Originally, the plan was to diversify OldProp's product offering beyond flight simulation, but throughout the company's existence, the team has indeed solely focused on just flight simulation. So as of now, the team will run under one brand, with a new logo and brand design. Watch their entire keynote here on their Facebook Page:

Further along the presentation, they have shown videos of their experimentation with X-Plane 11, most notably contrails and wing vortices. The team has received early access to v11.30 in which they have toyed and experimented with the new particle systems. Starting with contrails:

The team has also uploaded a preview of experimentation with helicopter rotor wash:

Both videos showcases their experimentation, and would not be released at anytime. Nonetheless, it solidifies their statement on going to X-Plane 11. We'll be closely looking at OldProp, their activities and developments concerning X-Plane. Check this space.

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