Orbx Unveils First Mesh Product for Microsoft Flight Simulator

May 11, 2021

On the back of Caernarfon Airport – Orbx’s latest release for Microsoft Flight Simulator – Orbx is looking towards the other side of the world for their next project, though conversely, it is not an airport or city scenery.

Titled NZ Mesh, Orbx announced it will be their first product with their new “proprietary approach for custom terrain meshes” for the sim, and as the title might imply, it is intended for the country of New Zealand.

Multiple .GIF images were added to the forum post, showing the difference between the default mesh and NZ Mesh across the mountains of New Zealand. We have included a selection of these images in this article.

“Created from carefully blended high-resolution DEM data, NZ Mesh is a 100% self-contained product with no changes made to the default mesh or any other files,” explains Orbx in the announcement post.

“With virtually no noticeable performance impact, each LOD is consistent without any blurring or LOD morphing when flying over the diverse terrain of New Zealand.”

The total storage needed is 523MB in exchange for a resolution of ten metres. However, Orbx is already looking towards the future by utilising LIDAR data and improving the resolution up to one metre.

They say this will further enhance terrain detail in rural and urban areas.

Orbx is to release NZ Mesh this week, and it will set users back by AUD $15.95 (excluding tax).

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