Orbx Pearson Field Released

Peter Tram
August 2, 2018

Originally released for the ESP platform, Bill Womack's latest and greatest development is here for X-Planers to enjoy too. KVUO is Bill Womack's first Orbx branded released after the re-integration of iBlueYonder back into Orbx.

Pearson Field is the oldest continually operating small airfield within the region, and one of the two oldest operating airports in the US. During the time of its existence, the airfield has hosted several major milestones in the history of aviation: the first crossing of the Columbia River by airship in 1905, a stopover on the US Army's first round-the-world flight, and contributed to Russia's aviation history as the landing spot for the Chkalov Trans-Polar Flight in 1937.

Today, it's a popular field for GA pilots, sitting along the banks of the Columbia in the flight path of KPDX's runway 10L. Orbx's rendition of the field no doubt brings it to life in the simulator.


Key Features

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If you're a fan of flying and exploring the Pacific Northwest, thisairport is a must-have!