Orbx Announces Ålesund Vigra Airport for MSFS

September 16, 2020

Earlier today, Orbx Systems has announced Ålesund Vigra Airport for MSFS, their first Scandinavian scenery for the new simulator. 

Building upon the P3D version, the airport will feature “new PBR textures, sloped runway, custom weather-dependent ground poly, detailed terraforming created from scratch. Ultra-detailed modelling, stunning 15cm custom aerial imagery, and plenty of landmarks beyond the primary coverage area”. Additionally, the scenery will take advantage of MSFS’s weather engine to create unique experiences for users flying in the unpredictable Norweign weather.

Located on the island of Vigra in Norway, Ålesund Airport is the country’s tenth busiest airport, serving some 1.07 million passengers per year. It is a major destination for 11 airlines that operate seasonal flights.

When released, Ålesund Vigra airport can be purchased in OrbxDirect and the Microsoft FlightSim Marketplace. Existing P3D users will receive a 40% discount for the MSFS version.

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