Orbx Previews 3W5 Concrete Municipal Airport in MSFS

November 19, 2020

Well known developer Orbx has announced 3W5 Concrete Municipal Airport. 3W5, also known as “Mears Field Airport,” is a general aviation airport located in Concrete, Washington. The airport boasts one runway with a length of 2,609 feet and is encompassed by snow-capped mountains providing a beautiful and especially challenging approach, sure to test one’s hand flying capabilities.

 Orbx’s rendition of this airport captures the essence of the field, recreating not only the airport but also the buildings and objects found around it. With the developer stating, “ A host of landmarks, including the well-known Portland Cement Silos, the historic bridge over the Sauk River, the school and plenty more.”  The airport is an excellent choice for users who want to challenge themselves and their hand-flying by navigating around rugged terrain while enjoying the beautiful scenery that the landscape provides.

3W5 was first made available in the older ESP simulators, but Orbx has stated that the MSFS rendition of the product has been improved in various ways. “New ultra-high-definition artwork, comprehensive PBR, new modelling and terraforming are found throughout. Real-world updates to the airfield are also reflected in this new scenery; the new fuel farm, several hangars under construction, and movement areas have all been created from scratch using up-to-date source material. “ According to Orbx, 3W5 has already reached its beta stage, which means It’ll hopefully release soon.

We’ll keep an eye out for future updates for this airport and Its release, as well as future Orbx products. The original post from Orbx can be found here, showcasing the rest of the previews.

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