Orbx Announces First Products to come to Microsoft Flight Simulator

August 9, 2020

Broken through a lengthy post on the Orbx Forums, Orbx has shared the news on the first of their vast product lineup to be hitting the latest Flight Simulator on the market.

Orbx is highly commended within the flight simulation community for their vast series of products ranging from regional and global autogen replacements, airports and their True Earth series, although many enthusiasts doubt the future of this series in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Orbx is far from the only developer to announce their products for Microsoft Flight Simulator, many other notable scenery developers include Drzewiecki Design and Aerosoft, a full extensive list of all confirmed developers is available to read on our newly launched Microsoft Flight Simulator Hub.

A total of 8 products were announced for the new platform today, including the announcement of a new product lineup: Landmarks, set to further improve the realism of the base simulator with extra landmarks many cities worldwide are recognisable for.

Orbx has said all products will be available to purchase “at, or shortly after, launch [of the new simulator]”. The developer has also adopted a new pricing strategy for the new platform with all products to be set at “competitive pricing levels, ranging from US$7.99 to US$19.99” during the launch window.

A first for Orbx too, products will be available elsewhere than OrbxDirect, also being available to be purchased on the Microsoft Flight Simulator in-game Marketplace.

London City Airport (EGLC)

The first product announced in the list was London City, an instantly recognised airport among aviation enthusiasts due to its steep approach path, London City is claimed to have “the added immersion and realism that only Orbx can provide”.

London City will be available for US$14.99 or US$8.99 for existing owners of the product for other platforms.

It is also of interest to note that products are listed in USD instead of Orbx’s typical AUD pricing, this is likely (although not confirmed) due to the currency used on the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace.

Landmarks London City Pack

The first product in the aforementioned new Landmark package, London City Pack adds “hundreds of iconic London buildings and landmarks”, making it the perfect accompaniment for flights into London City Airport.

Landmarks London City will be available for US$7.99 when it drops, no previous ownership price is available for this product as it is a new product.

Innsbruck Airport (LOWI)

A classic in the Orbx lineup, Innsbruck is to make an appearance in Microsoft Flight Simulator. As with previous versions of the platform, the airport will include a “detailed cityscape” as well as receiving a “major overhaul”.

At the higher end of Orbx’s new pricing, Innsbruck will be priced at US$19.99, and US$11.99 for existing customers.

Leeds Bradford Airport (EGNM)

Returning to the UK, the next product to be ported is Leeds Bradford, the airport is ideal for European Q400 hops or taking the lucky few on their next holiday to sunnier cities.

Leeds can be added to your product inventory for US$17.99 and as with all other products a discount is available for previous customers, taking the price to US$10.79.

Orcas Island Airport (KORS)

Taking the hop across the pond, a classic airport in all flight simulators will be brought across to the new platform. Claimed by Orbx and airport developer Andreas Hegi to be a “completely new scenery that harnesses the latest technology of the new simulator platform”.

Once released the airport will be yours for US$12.99 or US$7.79 as an existing owner.

Tacoma Narrows Airport (KTIW)

Continuing with the theme of US Airports, situated in the picturesque Pacific Northwest, the airport serves as an ideal location for General Aviation or Biz Jet lovers. An extra challenge for pilots who enjoy flying online as they circumnavigate the busy airspace of Sea-Tac, only 18 miles away.

Tacoma Narrows is yours for US$12.99or US$7.79 for existing customers.

Hollywood Burbank Airport (KBUR)

Another of the most popular airports in the Orbx Lineup, Hollywood Burbank is located next to the Hollywood area of  Los Angeles and is one of the more popular airports in the Los Angles Area. The airport is has been recreated faithfully by Matteo Veneziani, and it is said that “no effort has been spared to recreate this famous airport”.

You can purchase the airport for US$17.99 upon release or if you already own it, the price is reduced to US$10.79.

Santa Barbara Municipal Airport (KSBA)

Rounding off the collection of announcements is Santa Barbara Municipal. Found in the Santa Ynez Mountains in Southern California the airport is not one to let you down with scenic approaches. Regularly served by CRJs, 737s, A320s, the airport is ideal for airliner hops.

The airport is set to be priced at US$14.99 upon release, or as per usual if you already own the airport, it can be yours for US$8.99.

You can find all screenshots featured in this article and many more on the Orbx forums in the original announcement post.

Orbx can be followed on their Twitter page to be kept up to date with all developments.

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