Origami Studios Announces the Scottish Aviation Bulldog

May 1, 2020

Made via an announcement on their Twitch channels, Daniel Gallacher, the owner of SimToolkit Pro and Dellanie Byron, known for his work with FlyJSim, have announced the first aircraft from their new brand, Origami Studios.

Origami Studios is a brand co-founded by Byron and Gallacher, with their first project being the Scottish Aviation Bulldog, which they stated they had started earlier this year.

SimToolkitPro, made by co-founder Gallacher, is known for being an EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) application, with features including a live map and many others, check out SimToolkitPro here.

The Scottish Aviation Bulldog is a two-seat, training aircraft designed by Beagle Aircraft. The first prototype Bulldog flew on 19 May 1969 at Shoreham Airport, the aircraft’s first order was from the Swedish Air Board with a quantity of 79. Before production started, Beagle Aircraft ceased trading and production was taken up by Scottish Aircraft, with the aircraft being built at Prestwick Airport.

No full feature list has yet been provided but some details have been listed on their website:

“The cabin of the Bulldog has been lovingly recreated with every switch, seat, panel in 4k PBR textures. A visual treat in VR as you observe realistic grainy surfaces, leathery seats and aged deteriorated painted metal”

To see more on the Scottish Aviation Bulldog from Origami Studios, check out their website.

Origami Studios can also be found at their Discord Server.

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