Parallel 42 release Trent Palmer’s FreedomFox and the Fox2 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

December 22, 2021

Parallel 42, best known for their addons such as Skypark and ChasePlane, have taken to their blog to announce the release of two aircraft - the FreedomFox and the Fox2. The FreedomFox is an accurate recreation of aviation YouTuber Trent Palmer’s own aircraft, which is a modified version of the Series 5 Kitfox STi. The developer has also ensured that there is a realistic flight model for the aircraft, partnering with GotGravel for the flight model tuning.

The Fox2, also based on a Series 5 Kitfox STi, is Parallel 42’s own project build. They were “inspired to create an aircraft that would be competitive in STOL Drag races”. It includes many things such as an experimental engine upgrade and additional livery options. The developer stated that through their mod manager, you will be able to find more modifications to the Fox2 in the future.

When you download the package, Parallel 42 states that a mod manager will also be installed, allowing you to deploy additional content such as Fox2 mods, liveries and even several bush sceneries.

In the future, the developer has said that they want to add a multitude of things, ranging from an interactive checklist to custom visual effects and various 3D details inside and outside of the aircraft. A full list can be found on the store page. Also on the store page is a list of key features, which can be simplified into the following:

  • Trent Palmer’s Freedom Fox and //42 Fox2
  • GotGravel STOL flight model and performance mods, tested by Trent Palmer
  • Mod manager with bonus content
  • Desert Oasis scenery by Photosbykev
  • Trent Palmer pilot avatary by TwoSeventyInc
  • Dual Garmin G3X Units
  • Realistic electrical system fault/overload simulation
  • Accurate 3D Model based on Kitfox Series 5 STi
  • Accurately modeled modifications to the aircraft
  • Custom suspension animations
  • Deployable camping gear and wig-wag lights included

Both the FreedomFox and the //42 Fox2 can be purchased as a package off of the Orbx Direct store for a price of £22.63, including the mod manager and additional upgrades. Information about Trent Palmer and the real FreedomFox can be found on his YouTube channel. You can receive support from Parallel 42 either on their website or their Discord server too.

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