Parallel42 Publishes Skypark Teaser Trailer

December 9, 2020

Creators of the ESP-platform 'immersion' series, Parallel42 have today released a new teaser trailer showing their newest product - the Skypark - in action.

The software emulates an entire aviation job market with passenger and cargo routes available from a variety of locations in a variety of aircraft. Parallel42 announced the Skypark as its debut product at FlightSimExpo 2019 following a rebranding from their former identity: OldProp.

Microsoft Flight Simulator features front and centre throughout the presentation, though upon it's initial announcement in 2019, the new platform had yet to be announced at that point. It had been confirmed for Prepar3D and later X-Plane 11, though plans may have changed since then.

The UI of the home screen and the Contrax app.

The teaser posted today on the group's YouTube channel is narrated by Brigit, a helpful assistant who walks us through the functions of the tablet.

First up is an application called "Contrax", which is where users can manage their contracts/jobs. Flights available range from regular passenger routes to cargo-hauling to ferry flights. It is also possible to filter the aircraft or departure/destination airports.

The 'Conduit' app is where you are able to see the contracts you have already selected. The information displayed ranges from flight details to checklists and keeps track of all of your past contracts as well.

Parallel42's take on an electronic flight bag is also included in the Skypark, with an app called "yoFlight". The developer says that yoFlight contains the 'essentials' for navigation while in flight.

These 'essentials' appear to include flight planning functionality, terrain awareness and instrument procedures.

See the teaser trailer for yourself on YouTube.

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