Aerosoft Releases Paderborn XP

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Aerosoft's home airport, Paderborn Lippstadt Airport (EDLP) has been released for X-Plane 11.

Located in Büren, Germany and founded in 1991, Paderborn Lippstadt Airport is a minor international airport that primary serves flights to European leisure destinations.

Nearly all commercial operations out of Paderborn are seasonal; however, airlines such as Eurowings, TUI, and Lufthansa all fly year-round flights to popular European destinations. In 2017, the airport saw approximately 740,000 passengers fly through its terminals.

Aerosoft's recreation of Padernborn features not only a highly detailed recreation of the airport, but the airport's surrounding with custom mesh by Maps2Xplane along with an extended orthophoto covering the Padernborn region. At the physical airport itself, PBR ground textures, HDR lighting, as well as numerous animations for (SAM) jetways, marshallers, apron vehicles, and wind turbines are present. Winter textures are also provided and the scenery comes with TerraMaxx support.

A Promotional video showcasing the scenery can be viewed below.

Additional information and screenshots can be found on Aerosoft's product page on their website.

The scenery is currently available for purchase via Steam or Aerosoft's website for €16.77 ($19.99 USD), and the Threshold Store for the s

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