Carenado Finishes PC12 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

August 12, 2022

Carenado has announced that development work and testing are complete on their upcoming PC12, meaning that it is now ready to fly under the command of virtual pilots! The aircraft has been a long-awaited addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator and from what we can see visually in the teasers, it looks stunning.

In a recent press release on their Facebook page, the developers said: “dear friends, we are very happy to inform you that the PC12 project was finished and handed over to Microsoft to be uploaded to the simulator marketplace, Microsoft recently told us that this will happen in the first days of September, we appreciate all the shows of support and understanding setbacks in the development of this project, thank you all very much and we hope you have fun with this wonderful plane!”

Judging by the post, it looks like fans of Carenado and the PC12 can expect to take off for the first time in the Pilatus early in September.

Though the developers are yet to announce a precise release date for the PC12, it is certain that we only have a few more weeks to wait! Threshold will keep you updated on any news regarding the aircraft. For now, check out a previous article on the PC12

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