Thranda Releases PC-6 Adventure Pack

October 25, 2020

Thranda has just released the PC-6 Adventure Pack, an expansion pack for their Pilatus PC-6 Porter for X-Plane 11 adding numerous extra features to the add-on. 

The Pilatus PC-6 “Porter” is a Swiss-made single-engine utility plane designed in the late 50’. It is known worldwide for its extraordinary short takeoff and landing performance as well as its outstanding reliability. After ending production of the aeroplane in 2019, the Stans-based manufacturer had produced over 600 airframes of the model. The aircraft is still used all over the world for both civilian and military applications for which a special version was developed for the United States Air Force by Fairchild, the AU-23 Peacemaker, used mostly during the Vietnam war. 

Four months after the release of the long-awaited PC-6, Thranda has released an expansion pack for the add-on. The product focuses mainly on enhancing the user experience by adding different configurations and allowing the simmer to operate skydiving flights. The full list of features is available down below:

  • Amphibian Float Version, with its gear control panel
  • Bush Tires, with custom aerodynamic and ground handling physics
  • Articulated Skis for ice and snow operations
  • Mud Flaps
  • G1000 panel added to the configurations menu
  • Thranda PBR livery editor
  • Large Door for skydiving operations
  • Skydivers, up to 10 fully controllable individuals

The PC-6 is now part of Thranda Design’s “Dynamic Generation Series” meaning the aircraft is fully configurable in real-time. The custom livery, weight and balance, panel configurations and much more can be changed in-flight and will affect the flight dynamics of the aircraft. Check out Dan Klaue’s Forum Post for more information on the subject. 

Since the end of Thranda’s contract with the large ESP developer Carenado, the developer has been expanding its own product line-up as well as continuing their conversions of Just Flight add-ons. Soon to come on the X-Plane market is the Just Flight VC-10, BAe 146 and Thranda’s own DeHavilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver for X-Plane, check out our article on the latter. 

The Thranda PC-6 Adventure Pack is available on the Store for 16.50 USD and the Thranda PC-6, which is required to use the pack, is available on the same store for 34.95 USD. 

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