Pyreegue Dev. Co. Releases Odessa International Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator

February 15, 2021

Ukrainian developer Pyreegue has released his rendition of Odessa International Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The scenery includes many features, such as a fully modelled interior and custom animated ground traffic.

Odessa International Airport is priced at $16.71 and can be purchased from Orbx Direct.

On the store page, the developer has included a full feature list, which reads as follows:

  • High-quality textures for all models
  • Custom Ground polygons with custom markings and dirt
  • Runway slope profiles according to latest AIP
  • ILS/VOR data according to latest AIP
  • 2021 layout (New Apron is estimated based on available imagery and will be updated together with the new runway once those are introduced into service)
  • Lots of custom objects both inside and outside of airport area
  • New Terminal with full interior including check-in area, passport control and departure lounge.
  • Old Terminal with partial interior that includes the departure lounge and parallax 3d windows
  • Surrounding buildings included (6th Element Mall, METRO Mall)
  • PBR textures for every object
  • Optimized geometry and textures for best performance
  • Default ATC/Traffic integration
  • Custom enhanced vehicles animations on main aprons
  • Highly detailed static aircraft models by paperscan
  • Special VIP pax vehicles

Odessa International Airport is situated in the south of Ukraine and serves as one of Ukraine International Airlines’ primary hubs. The 5703ft runway accommodates airlines such as Wizz Air, Ryanair, Lufthansa and flydubai. These airlines bring an average of 1.6 million passengers to the airport each year.

You can purchase Odessa Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator from Orbx Direct, and you can keep up to date with Pyreegue’s future developments in his Discord server.

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