Aerobask Updates Phenom 300 to Version 1.2R

April 7, 2021

In continuation to the updates following the release of their Embraer Phenom 300 for X-Plane 11, Aerobask have released an update upgrading it to version 1.2r. 

Released last month, the Phenom 300 is the French developer’s latest add-on for the X-Plane flight simulator. The aircraft was developed in parallel to the upcoming Falcon 8X in order to guarantee an add-on release in early 2021. 

The update focuses on bug fixes but also includes numerous new features and improvements. The full changelog is available on the Forums, however, an abbreviated one is available below:

  • Fixed HDG display (3 digits) with "real pitch scale" and SV activated
  • Fixed lateral mode display to ROL when in TO/GA mode
  • TOGA trims to TO only on ground
  • G1000: added manipulators for COM/NAV VOL/SQ knobs
  • Fixed small gap where engine nacelles meet the fuselage
  • New windshield heaters
  • Improved some cockpit textures
  • Improved cockpit placard
  • Fixed Yaw and Roll trims not working when flying manual
  • Added option for UTC/LCL in cabin trip display
  • Fixed spoilers moving without hydraulics
  • Fixed tiny holes in cockpit
  • Fixed rudder geometry and movement for more efficiency single-engine
  • Added AP half-bank indicator on roll scale
  • Removed Vno marker on PFD speed tape (set Vno = Vne)
  • Barber pole now reflects instantely selected detent, not actual flap extension
  • Fixed single-cue flight director pitch when in real pitch mode
  • Flipped pitch trim indicator and adjusted green range
  • Removed rogue animation of CVR switch (CVR not implemented)
  • ELEC Synopitc now shows indicated battery volt instead of actual volts (hot bus volt vs internal volts)
  • Fixed G1000 audio panel lights

The update can be downloaded either by redownloading the product from the Store or by running the Skunkcrafts updater. The Aerobask Embraer Phenom 300 is now available on the Store for $44.95.

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