PMDG Publishes Development Update for MSFS

PMDG has recently published a new development update with information on the next 737 Lineup update, marketplace intake, and the upcoming 777 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The next update for the 737 lineup is already with their testing team for validation, including new features developed in the background and now ready, along with structural changes that aim to improve the tablet's stability within the MSFS environment. 

PMDG has added data interoperability between the airplane and tablet, allowing users to see route changes reflected in the tablet's live map and providing increased situational awareness.

As it has been the norm since build 3.00.0080, the upcoming update will focus on the Universal Flight Tablet alone. The complete changelog follows below:

0012722: [EFB - General] Metars stop functioning between 0000z and 0100z (rmurdoch)

0012788: [EFB - General] PMDG map tiles names are fuzzy (rmurdoch)

0012777: [EFB - General] Fully convert to JSON for tablet-plane comms (rmurdoch)

0012782: [EFB - General] UFT 1.2 "New route loaded" message appears too often (rmurdoch)

0012475: [EFB - Simbrief] CO RTE field not showing CO RTE name (cbpowell)

0012783: [EFB - Performance and Computational] Arrival Airport Calls for Runway, not ICAO code. (cbpowell)

0012792: [EFB - Performance and Computational] Imported Flight plan times do not match Simbrief (cbpowell)

0012645: [EFB - General] Tablet map should pick up changes made on the FMS (rmurdoch)

0012692: [EFB - Performance and Computational] Landing Dispatch Data should be imported into Landing Enroute fields (cbpowell)

0012775: [EFB - General] Tablet namespace differentiation still not working correctly (rmurdoch)

They plan to release the update for customers around the final week of November. 

Build 3.00.0082 has been submitted to Microsoft for the intake process, and PMDG believes it should become available sometime next week (Microsoft's intake process is not an exact science).

The Xbox version of the aforementioned build will take longer, as PMDG found issues with some key functions and is working with Microsoft and Asobo to find a solution.

The upcoming 777 is still being worked on, with PMDG's focus on handling characteristics and system validation. They claim it hasn't been previewed yet because they have been packing details and features into the new product that will demand time to get to where they want and that the previewing process will begin once it's nearing entering testing. PMDG believes this extra attention to development will yield a shorter testing cycle.

The current PMDG lineup for Microsoft Flight Simulator is available on their website, ranging from $34.99 to $69.99. 

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