PMDG Releases Boeing 737-700 on MSFS' Marketplace

PMDG’s Boeing 737-700 is now available on Microsoft Flight Simulator's marketplace, only on PC at this time and priced at $69.99 (pricing may vary per region). 

The marketplace version is almost identical to the PMDG Store counterpart, featuring three different variations: passenger, BBJ, and cargo, all with accurately represented systems, a high-fidelity flight model, PBR textures, a realistic flight deck, and different cabins matching the chosen variation, along with the ability to pick between winglets or split scimitars. The only difference between both is that the Marketplace version does not come with the Operations Center, which is obtainable from their official downloads section. Updates might also take longer, as the files need to be approved by Microsoft before being pushed to the marketplace.

The Boeing 737-700 is a single-aisle, twin-engine jetliner that is part of the 737 aircraft family. It was introduced by Boeing in 1997 as a shorter and more fuel-efficient version of the 737-800, typically seating between 110 and 149 passengers (depending on the configuration), and offering up to 2,950nm of range. Commonly used by airlines for short to medium-haul flights, it's known for its reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Images are courtesy of ZachJaneway. There’s no information regarding the arrival of the -600 and -800 models to the marketplace yet, but Threshold will keep you updated!

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