PMDG Releases Universal Flight Tablet for MSFS

PMDG has recently released the long-awaited Universal Flight Tablet update for Microsoft Flight Simulator, bringing an advanced Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) to the 737 Lineup with SimBrief integration, performance calculation, and more.

Update 3.0.80 brings the first public version of the Universal Flight Tablet with a feature set that includes SimBrief integration, charting (for Navigraph Ultimate subscribers), and performance computation. The complete feature list follows below:

Flight Plans/SimBrief Integration

- Importing flight plans from SimBrief.

- Download weather for the flight plan route.

- Flight plan/weather sharing between tablet/aircraft.

- Display of Operational Flight Plan.

- Display of real time METAR information (native or simplified format)


- Navigraph Charts (Requires Navigraph Subscription)

- Georeferenced aircraft on displayed charts where appropriate.

- Flight centric chart selection/pinning of desired charts.

Performance Computation:

- T/O, Diversion, Landing computations.

- Data Import from flight plans or from the aircraft itself.

- Reduced runway length computations.

- Graphic display of displaced threshold data.

New features will be added in future updates, such as the ability to manage all of the PMDG options, functions, and failures from the tablet (and they will also remain controllable via FMC). 

They will also offer the possibility of integration with third-party applications, all from within the tablet. PMDG will provide further information on that in the future.

The update is now available for customers, and the marketplace release will depend on Microsoft’s internal intake process.

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